I love cheese.

Specially when you bake with it. It melts into this yellow, gooey goodness in pizzas ans pastas. I’ve even come to microwave Piattos topped with Chiz Whiz to get this same,  processes, gooey goodness.

Gooey goodness.

I like goo. It’s messy. Yet somehow it holds itself decently together. It’s charming that way, or annoying when you get some in your hair.

I guess I’ve been like goo since I was a kid. When things get really messy I somehow pull myself together.

So I’m pulling myself together again like what I’ll probably do whenever life hands me punches.

(As I write this in the mrt, the guy has just realized out loud that drinking less will save him money. So just now, he decided to stop drinking. Yey for him! Btw, this is also the day the MRT got derailed in EDSA Taft)

Well, welcome to my spot in this cyberworld of bloohblahs, musings. and overthinking.

Gooeymike 🙂


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