Goodbye, Facebook (For Now)

And so this is goodbye, my friend
That’s been a lot of years we spent
I came to you and you listened
Now it’s time that I, away be sent

I drag, I scroll, I look, I see
I sometimes wish I wasn’t me
With what is seen, so much is lost
With what is read, so much is cross

Time is dripping, time is wasting
An inner voice is strong in saying
You have to stop, you have to go
and live the life with what you do

Not what you see, not what you read
Not what they have, not what they read
Not what they like, not what you like
Not what seems real but what is real

And so if you must talk to me
Come and see me here and be
the thoughts I have the thoughts you have
let our voices see the light out of this box

update: After two weeks, I’m back in FB


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