A Noob Traveling in 2014–Singapore

The travel bug can’t be any more real than it already is for me. This year I saved part of my meager salary minus the bills I have to pay living alone to finally travel outside the country. Thankfully, I was able to. Before I knew it, I traveled to three countries, met a lot of new people, saw a lot of new places, got acquainted with different cultures, learned so many things, and most importantly, found a different kind of peace–the kind that heals. For my first travel outside the country, I did it on my birthday, February first. I went to Singapore. As a modern city, it wasn’t surprising that what caught my eye were the patterns of structures, the well-defined lines, the precise angles and curves, the entire system of beams and arches.

Skylight at the National Museum of Singapore
A different kind of skylight in a teepee-like hut in the musuem/s foyer
The ceiling of the foyer of the National Museum of Singapore
adjacent street to the Peranakan Museum
banister of the National Museum of Singapore

It was amazing how everything in Singapura was organized. Trains arrived on the dot, cabbies gave exact travel time and the most efficient route, everything was just neat. What I liked most in Singapore however was the MacRitchie Nature Trail. It is a forest in the middle of the busy city of Singapore. I have always liked off beaten spots wherever I go as they provide tranquility of sorts, so this trail was top of my list. Finishing the trail will lead you to the steel bridge atop the forest overlooking the city. It was a nice, refreshing morning walk albeit doing with an empty tummy. treetop trail. SG I also loved walking around the city, minding the small details, appreciating every nook. I even found graffiti in one of the walls. Whatever was in the past started to make sense. Traveling started setting me free from things and people I allowed to hold me back. I never thought traveling would be this liberating. And then I went to Cambodia…


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