Practicing Happiness

The most valuable lesson I learned from 2014--Choosing happiness needs practice.

And so I would like to choose happiness by expressing gratitude for all these ten people, places, things in my 2014.

1. The people I met in Yoga, Ultimate Frisbee, and Badminton. Everyone knows how far I’ve recovered from my breakup (haha) and meeting you guys helped a lot. Really, A LOT.

  • To the yogis, specially my teacher, Ms. Abbie, thanks for sharing inner peace with me. I will never forget the tears that day when I was able to do the headstand on my own after months of practice. I learned how patience and kindness can push you, nay, teach you to do things you never thought you can. Then there’s Ish’s harsh but amazing wisdom, Elie’s unwavering trust, Jeff’s snobbish/ highly focused discipline. Then the Daquil siblings, one saved my life in ways she can only imagine, the other showing me what not to become when I grow up (kidding!).
  • To the discheads, Laagan. I miss playing with you guys. I’m working on my knees for now but I will be back for the Summer League. I promise!
  • To the badminton crew; I’m so thankful I signed up in that FB page and met you guys, Bambi, Grace, Wamer.

2. Yoga, Ultimate Frisbee, Hip Hop Dancing, and Badminton. From headstands, to leagues, to crazy footwork and lunges, to corpse pose, to every movement (or absence).

3. Traveling. Again and again, I’m amazed what traveling does to me. Maybe it’s the nomad in me who seeks adventure, or the free spirit that makes me want more, learn more.

  • Singapore
  • Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Bauang, La Union
  • Yacht Club, Subic

4. My roomie of 3.5 years, I know you miss me. Thanks for all the past-our-bedtime stories, the bitchy compassion, for everything. I’ll always be a friend no matter how many guys you meet. Haha! Seriously, thanks for all the life-lessons you’ve taught me vicariously.

5. Koro Stigmatino, for letting me still sing with you guys even when I sometimes go MIA with all the other things I’m doing.

6. Music, I can’t imagine my life without music: singing in the shower, walking in the MRT station while imagining my life’s a musical and doing that random shuffle I’m sure people who see find weird, reading notes, playing the piano.

  •  Dancing. I don’t know how it gives me peace, but connecting one step to another by feeling it rather than memorizing it feels ethereal to me. Then again, randomly dancing in my bedroom gives me that same feeling.
  •  Choreograpy. Teaching choreography to two choirs with one hiring me and helping them bag the third place in a national competition.Who would have though? What the heck am I doing? Who am I?

7. For having only an alarming borderline uric acid and cholesterol levels, which means I still have a chance to fix my effin eating habits.

8. My other firsts

  • First pride march! It was liberating even for an out gay dude like me. I met a lot of cool people and realized I only have an inkling of what diversity is.
  • Man of Honor! (I was like, whuuuuuut?!) I know the chance of me getting married is low, so being man of honor to my best friend was just crazy unbelievable! Thanks, Anna and Ron. I love you both!

9. For my family and learning that as we grow old roles are blurred and everyone just becomes human, which fore me means to love each other more despite everything.

10. And to you Big Guy Up There (yes, I’m consciously choosing a male persona). Beyond religion, I believe in the “greater scheme of things” even when people make me think You hate guys like me, I know your love is just beyond what any person (believer or not) can comprehend. Btw, thanks for sending me this super cool guy who doesn’t have Ben Affleck’s bod but has a super sexy heart.

There you have it, gratitude to start the year.

Happy New Year


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