My First Solo Travel: How to get to Vera Falls Solo

I woke up at around 6 am ready to start earlier for I plan to get to Vera falls on my own. There are no clear instructions from bloggers on how to get there alone since most of them travelled in groups. After reading a map, asking locals, and doing it myself, this is how you can get to Vera falls from Legazpi.

1. Get to the main road (Rizal Road) and ride a jeepney to the “grand terminal” where vans wait for passengers to different places in Bicol (8 Pesos)SAMSUNG CSC

2. Ride a Van bound for Tabaco (50 Pesos) and get off at the Tabaco terminal.

3. From there, you can either

  • hire a tricycle to take you to Comun Elementary School in Barangay Comun (150 pesos)
  • or take a Jeep bound for Polangui.

I was told that I could have asked for a lower price in the tricycle, around 100. It is also of course cheaper if you split it with friends. I didn’t try the jeep to Polangui because I only learned about it when I was already in Comun.

4. When you get off at Comun Elementary school, there will be lots of habal-habal (motorcycles) waiting to be hired. I was able to get one for 200 pesos. The kind driver took me to Vera falls, waited for me , and then took me back to the main road.

5. Nestled at the foot of Mt. Malinao, the way to the falls is breathtaking specially if you’re riding a motorcycle. You’ll see mountains, valleys, and rivers as the cool wind blows your face unending kisses. You’ll also have a better view of Mt. Mayon specially on the way back from the falls.

When you get to this bridge, you are near the entrance to the falls.


6. You will know that you’ve reached the entrance to Vera falls when you see a paved parking area out of nowhere. You will have to get off the motorcycle and use the short flight of stairs down to the falls (around 170 steps). While walking, you’ll here the inviting sound of the falls which might excite you even more. Once you get to the waterfalls, Mang Boy (who you can also ask to take pictures of you) who takes care of the area will ask you to write your name in a log book with any amount of donation. Right now, donations are being gathered for the continuous construction of the stairs and the road to the falls. Most give 20 to 50 pesos, but I decided to give a hundred bucks to support the cause–the country needs our help in maintaining natural spots anyway.


Plus, when you see the falls, the donation will be worth it.




Lucky for me, I got the falls all to myself which allowed me to appreciate it even more. Solitude usually gives you better perspective, you know. I was really happy for a lot of reasons. First, I’m happy I found a way to get to the falls. Second, there’s that genuine happiness and contentment I felt when I took a dip and admired the beauty of the falls. It made me sing and almost tear up. I guess it’s because there was that fear of how to get to it since it was the first “unknown” in my itinerary, and when I saw the falls, the fear vanished in an instant. Lastly, but most importantly, the beauty of our country, of this world, is one of the reasons I believe in a Greater Being. I believe in coincidence, but I also believe in purpose, in order, in beauty.

Ironically, upon checking the meaning of Vera after my visit to the pristine falls, my experience held some truth to the word’s meaning–Vera is of Slavic origin meaning Faith.

So there. This is how I got to Vera falls on my own. It cost me around 508 pesos but was worth each centavo.


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