BLEPT Topnotcher March 2018

BLEPT: Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers

It’s amazing to look back at my previous post three months ago. As I wrote that post, I was scared but hopeful . The next day, I made it to the top. It was…


Surreal was the first adjective that sparked in my brain when I saw my name on top of the list.

I just got out of the shower, towel wrapped around by waist, when I found out about it. Feeling lazy and tired from the morning workout, I was slumped on my bed, barechested, dawdling on my laptop, wondering if the results were out. A group chat box popped, and someone announced that names of those who passed from A to C were already.

My heart skipped a beat. This is it.

Since I was waiting for D, I first checked the names of three friends who took the same exam. One failed, two passed. I felt a tinge of guilt knowing even if I do pass, it wouldn’t change the fact that a friend didn’t make it. I told myself I’ll help in any way I can should my friend retake the test. With this guilt, I decided might as well look at the topnotchers.

I initially didn’t even check the top spot. When I heard that the results were finally out, I checked the page where the topnotchers were posted, starting from the third, going down. Honestly, who in their right minds will assume she or he topped the board exam? But as I was scrolling down from three to four, my eye caught a glimpse of my surname on top. WTF?

Unhurriedly, I scrolled upwards.

Slowly, my full name came to view. Then, my board rating:


My breathing started to become uneven. I panted. Cold sweat started running down my face and into my chest, realizing I have yet to put on clothes. Then, asthma started to attack. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I started shouting for my mom, but no sound came out as I cried and choked on my tears. It was an absurd, beautiful, hilarious moment all at the same time. It was crazy, unbelievable.



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